Yogurt "Butterscotch Layer" 12oz ($12 USD)

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Sweet and creamy vanilla yogurt dollop on top of a thick Butterscotch layer with chunky caramel bits (Jelly cubes). Once mixed together it turns into a smooth clicky slime. Comes with two caramel cream candies. Comes in separated jars if you get it shipped because it does this annoying thing called 'mixing together' in transit, doing it this way keeps the slime as aesthetically pleasing as possible for you, plus it's so much more fun to mix yourself! You can add it to yogurt/icecream bowl and decorate it yourself with the butterscotch on top, just use your imagination! This slime comes as one 8oz of creamy Butterscotch yogurt and 4oz of Butterscotch sauce to add any way you like. So all up you get 12oz of slime