UV Magic

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I'm guessing you want to know what's 'magic' about this slime huh? Well to be totally honest, it was a by total fluke I found it! I left this particular slime outside one day for about 30 minutes, I returned to find my very vivid purple slime that I just made with a few brand new ingredients I was testing out, a bright pink! While this in itself tripped me way out, after I brought it inside and placed it on my kitchen counter and left it there for another 30 minutes I came back to find it was a baby blue colour! What the absolute heck? So I tested and tested again and sure enough this slime randomly changes colour. Sure it's not as instant as those colour changing by body heat slimes, but it too offers a sense of wonder and it is so interesting to mix again because the middle is still purple! Great for people who love to mix colours!

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