Super Kawaii Mystery Slime Boxes! ($54 USD for Size 1)

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Kitty Cake Slime finally have their own Mystery Boxes!!! But being who we are, we had to make them filled with all the Kawaii and pretty things we have. See the photos to see what's inside each box. Everything is 100% random, you will not get doubles, we will make sure you get different textures and styles. Full-size slimes include slimes that are 8oz, 12oz and other slimes that are considered 'full size' like the Chocolate Milk Bottle, basically anything but 2oz testers. I'm happy to take requests of slimes you do NOT want in your pack, like if you hate a certain smell, but I won't take requests on what I put in. It won't be a mystery if I do that!
Great for a gift as it will come all wrapped up in a nice box with a bow!