Sunday Leftovers

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In this slime set:Roast Leftovers 8oz+Roast Chicken charm. Sweet Apple Pie 8oz+Apple Pie charm. Dinner Roll 2oz (Free!) +TV Dinner Tray Charm. This slime reminds me of the containers of leftovers in the fridge after a good Sunday roast dinner. You bust them out the next day and experience having a full-size meal again because there was always too much.I'm very proud of these slimes, especially the Roast Leftovers. I found these little plastic corn pieces that went with the Peas (Foam beads), Corn (Plastic corn), Carrots (Java chips) and potatoes (Jelly cubes) perfectly, it made it look incredibly realistic, honestly, the pictures do not do them justice. And the colour of the "gravy" just tops it off. This slime is scented like fresh peaches. :)For dessert you have a Sweet Hot Apple Pie with jelly cubes that truly feel like apple pieces in a thick sauce, the scent is one of the most realistic scents I own and smells exactly like a hot apple pie from maccas. So sweet and moreish.And as a bonus, you get a free little Brioche bread roll, scented like its name, it's a white based slime with clay to make it feel exactly like bread dough with a brown dusting on top. Not recommended to mix all slimes together.*Slime Information Below*