Sugar Fuels my Heart

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Ahh Valentines Day! The day we all eat too many chocolates and see red hearts everywhere, everything is overpriced and cheesy. But I cant help but love it, I love love after all!
This Valentines Day slime is only available until the 20th of Feb. I give a few days for those who want to snatch this up! Comes with a random Valentines Day themed charm (see last picture)

Sugar Fuels my Heart is a thick and glossy slime with small and large red and white foam beads, just to give a little texture, brilliant red java chips and the special part, red heart shaped clay chunks floating in it that you mix in yourself! This slime smells like all the sugary candy treats that you deserve on this day of love! All Valentines Day slimes come with a Valentine themed extras pack with lollies and chocolates and pretty things, all wrapped up in red paper and a bow. First yourself or another, this will make you or someone else feel special!