Strawberry Cream Mellow Puff ($10 USD for 8oz)

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***2oz Tester slimes DO NOT come with extras packs. 2oz slimes come with Borax, a care sheet, a business card and some candy. Extras packs are ONLY for full-size (8oz) slimes.*****
This has overtaken Purple puddle as my favorate. Oh my slime goddess! If you wanted to buy any one of my slimes, get this! It's so fluffy, pillowy like the sweetest smelling butter cloud you've ever felt. People who get stuck to slimes wont get stuck to this one. Its so thick and fluffy, I just cant get over it. I play with this every day now. The fluff, the sizzle pops, just so satisfying! Oh and the smell! So sweet and creamy, with strawberry top notes to creamy mellowy bottom notes.Comes with a random strawberry charm and strawberry sprinkles.