Slime on a Necklace

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Are you completely obsessed with slime? So much so that you play with it every day to relax? So much so that when you get invited out with friends all you can think about is to go home and sink your hands into some slime again? So much so you bring slime in the car with you when you go to the shops or work? Just me? Ok... 🙃
But if you are as obsessed with slime as me then these slime necklaces will make your heart skip a beat. You get to have the thing you love the most in this world (Slime obviously) close to your heart 24 hours a day. Best of all, these are made to order, that means you can pick your favourite slime from my shop to have capsulated forever behind glass. Plus, if you buy a custom slime or a Personal Mystery Slime you can get that made into a necklace too. Sounds like a perfect present to treat yourself.
You can pick what chain you want as well, total customisation. :D