Slime Activator, Softner and "Slime Off" Spray

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These cute little spray bottles come prefilled with10ml Borax Activator and my special recipe of slime Softner. They can be refilled over and over again so you only need to buy one time! Great to keep in your bag/purse for those little slime touch-ups on the go. I too have been stuck out when it's been getting hot out and my slime needed a little activator because it melted in my car. Other slime addicts know what I'm saying. ;)

This duo has now become a trio with a new addon to our spray collection.
The Incredible and Amazing "Slime Off!".
This little bottle is full of our tried and tested slime removing formula. It gets slime out of Carpet, clothes and even hair, yep we went that far. Made from Natural ingredients, this spray turns slime back into a thin easy to soak up liquid state. Gone are the days of throwing out your favourite Unicorn shirt because it got slime on it (True story sadly), saturate the slime in the formula and work it in until completely liquid and rinse with water and throw in the washing machine. Your clothes will come out like they never even touched slime!
I have even removed old, dry, washed in the washing machine five times to no avail, slime with this stuff. Yes, it took a bit more elbow grease to get off but by golly, it's better than not at all!