Rainbow Pop Icecream! ($10 USD)

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An Iconic Australian dessert, the Rainbow Paddle Pop by Streets Icecream is an Australian favourite. When Kitty was pregnant with her first child she would eat at least one box of these delicious caramel flavoured treats a day! It was a crazy craving!
This slime was named and designed after the iconic ice-cream. The gorgeous base slime is a colour changing (white/blue to purple) slay with super thick click and squishy pops! Glitter on the top and bottom of the slime represents the ice crystals you would get around your paddle pop when it took it out of the bag! Beautiful on it's own but if you add the rainbow clay popsicle and the fake clay sprinkles you get a beautiful thick and fluffy butter slime that will change to a caramel colour. Oh and the scent! It smells exactly like a rainbow paddle pop! But please don't eat it! It also comes with a cute popsicle charm!