Popping Candy ($10 USD for 8oz)

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Click here to see this slime in action on Instagram!***2oz Tester slimes DO NOT come with the Candy, extras packs. 2oz slimes come with Borax, a care sheet, a business card and some candy. Extras packs are ONLY for full-size (8oz) slimes.*****
This incredibly crunchy slime smells exactly like popping candy, it makes my mouth water. I'm so happy with how this turned out. Our new white glue base is amazing, the slushy beads do not budge! The crunch on this slime is one of the most satisfying things I have ever made. I say it again, I'm so proud of this one. Purple Puddle is still my number one, but this has skyrocketed to a close second. This also comes with a free lolly pop in the same fluro colour! The reason why this one is a little more in the higher dollar value is because the beads are crazy expensive, but they are amazing and don't fall out as much as the normal ones do. *Slime Information Below*