Pink Mud Mask ($10 USD)

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Imagine stepping into a 5 star Spa, beautiful flowers fill every open space, the sound soothing music enters your ears. As you take a deep breath a scent of natural botanical oils relaxes you. It's time for your facial, you choose their famous Pink mud Mask as you have been told it has 5 different kinds of nourishing clays. It nourishes your skin and revitalizes your mind. The beautician washes your face and offers you a bottle of spring water, after all keeping hydrated promotes good skin! You leave feeling relaxing and your skin glowing.Like my little story? Haha I was trying to include all the aspects of the slime into the story. This slime does include 5 different types of clays. It also has a moisturising effect! Great for dry hands! It has the most sizzling texture I have ever made, it sizzled in the big bucket after I took it out of the mixer for a good 30mins without anyone even touching it, it almost sounded like a soda bubbling away! It smells like fruit and flower botanicals, with a touch of mint and cucumber. It honestly smells exactly like a facial mask I've used in the past! Its decorated in flower fimo slices and flower sequins, also a few sprigs of fake flowers on the side. Plus just like the story hinted at, it comes with a bottle of water that says "Are you Kitten me?" With a little kitty face. This is a must have slime if you love squishy sizzly slimes!