Personal Mystery Slime

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You heard me. This is YOUR personal mystery slime. You're going to put your slimy fate into my hands! Mahahahaha! *Ahem*

The slime you get won't be just a slime from my shop that isn't doing well in sales, you will get a completely random made up slime. You will give me 2 words, they can be as random as you like and I will make something completely personal to you. If you need a little help thinking of words I'm going to add two drop down boxes with a heap of random words you can choose from OR you are more than welcome to use the personalisation option and give me your two words. Be as far out and creative as you like, I like the challenge.

OR you even have the option to leave it all up to Olly to pick. Heh heh heeeh. 😼

You know the best bit? If I really like your slime, I may decide to stock it in my shop, and guess who gets a free 250ml jar of it sent free of charge? You! I will pick one slime at random depending on sales, on who will be the winner, they will have their slime featured in the shop for a week!

Be daring, be exciting and be random. ;)

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