Pegasus wings

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Pegasus wings is a very dense and stretchy slime, yet very fluffy. It has a dry feel and it feels a tad over activated but believe me it's not, don't be afraid to really pull on this cloud, it has the density and stretchiness to take it. It's great for beginners of cloud slime as it stays together well and fluffs up with little kneading. If you are looking for a light and airy cloud slime, try our Cotton Candy Fluff one because this one is not that. The slime had to match the name as I always imagined the wings of an almighty Pegasus would be strong and uniform, and this slime delivers. The drizzle is a little on the slow side which is great for those who want to take that Instagram photo of the falling fluff. I can get a nice double arm length pull on this slime without it braking, it's a lot of fun.

***Please take note: The containers we use are made of PET plastic, cloud slimes and PET plastic don't mix well and become stuck together and make it very hard to get the slime out of the container. We have new containers on their way made from PP plastic that doesn't stick to clouds, they pop right out in a perfect shape. Until then we need to use our PET jars, so please realize it's the container and not the slime.***

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