Pegasus Pearl

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***2oz Tester slimes DO NOT come with extras packs. 2oz slimes come with Borax, a care sheet, a business card and some candy. Extras packs are ONLY for full-size (8oz) slimes.*****Just like the Cherry Blossom Luster slime, the pictures do NOT capture the stunning beauty of this slime. It is an off-white clear slime with this gorgeous purple colour shift. Take it out in the sunlight and really experience the shine and lustre. The scent does make this slime ever so slightly cloudy when pulled thin, but not anything too noticeable. The scent smells amazing, I can't stop smelling it on my hands after making it, I want to wear this as a perfume!! This slime also comes with stunning white/purple/blue pearls in all sorts of shapes and sizes on the side so you can add them yourself.