Olly's Kitty Milk ($10 USD for 8oz)

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***2oz Tester slimes DO NOT come with extras packs. 2oz slimes come with Borax, a care sheet, a business card and some candy. Extras packs are ONLY for full-size (8oz) slimes.*****
Olly is my cat, the bestest little kitty in the entire wide world and the co-owner of Kitty Cake Slimes and website technician, he also has been to the moon and fought a dragon once (OLLY! Stop! "🙀Meow!? Woops, Ok I'll leave" Sorry about that, now where was I?). His 'sweetness' 😒 is what actually influenced the theme of this shop, Kitty Cake, because he is such a loving sweet little thing. So Olly got a slime named after him and his favourite drink, milk.This is an extremely thick, clicky, glossy, stretchy and poppy slime I have ever felt. It took SO LONG to figure out the recipe for this slime, in fact, I refused to open the shop until I perfected this slime. The scent is so delicious, it smells like a high-end bakery cupcake frosting. My mouth waters when I play with this.