Macaron Cream Puff ($9 USD)

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How amazing are these containers! I've been meaning to make these slimes for a long time, I've had the containers in our shop for sale for a while, so it was about time we made the slimes! These slimes are all 8oz and come with random desert charms.

Pink Lychee Cream- This slime is super soft, creamy and fluffs up big. The gorgeous Lychee scent is just divine, it really works with the cream scent. Has small pink java chips as lychee chunks. Colour is much brighter pink than photo.

Blue Raspberry Cream- Again just as fluffy and soft as above. Has a stronger pull on it. The scent is sooooo yummy! Smells like sweet Raspberry cream. Has dark blue foam beads and pink Raspberry fimo slices.

Wildberry Mousse Cream- This one is my favorate. The softest and smoothest out of the five. No chunky bits for those who dont like that. Has small flecks of dark purple throughout that look like berry specks. But you cant feel them. Smells freaking amazing. So creamy and berry.

Hazelnut Cream- This smells exactly like fresh hazelnuts that have been blended up. Very earthy but creamy with a hint of sweet. It has little tiny caramel java chips and brown glitter that looks like bits of chopped hazelnuts.

Sweet Apple & Green Tea- Crisp sweet Apple and grassy green tea make up this slime's uplifting scent. Just as fluffy and inflatable as the other slimes. It has little dark green specks that you cant feel, but look like green tea. Plus little green circle fimo slices acting as little bits of apple.