Huge DYI Slime Starter Kit ($45 USD)

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Ever wanted to make amazing Instagram worthy slimes yourself but can't because the number of different ingredients it takes? Don't worry my friend, I got you. I have hunted down everything you would need to make at least 20 different types of slimes. You will get a detailed instruction booklet with recipes to make all the most popular Instagram slimes like Glossy, Butter, Slushy, Moshi, Cloud, Jelly, Metallic, Gold Leaf and so many more. I love the fact that the container that the kit is in is actually your mixing bowl! Makes it all come together in a nice neat pack.
This is a starter kit so you do only get a small amount of glue as I figured you can get white and clear glue anywhere, and it cuts down on shipping cost for you as well, PLUS it wouldn't fit as there was too much other items in the kit...

DIY Slime Starter Kit Item List:
1x Kit Instruction Booklet

1x Detailed Slime Care Pamphlet

1x Business Card

1x Huge 4L Bowl with lid (Colour of bowl will be random. Mostly clear)

1x Quality Spatula

1x 5tsp Extra Borax

3x Large Popsicle Sticks

1x Pipette1x 120ml White Glue

1x 120ml Clear Glue

1x 250ml Screw Top Jar

2x 50ml Screw Top Jars

2x 100ml Sauce Container (For mixing ect)

1x 30ml Ready made Activator

1x 30ml Ready made Softener

1x 60ml Pump Lotion

1x 30ml Baby Oil

1x 56g Shaving Foam Can

6x 5ml Slime Colouring (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Purple.)

3x 10ml Random Popular Slime Scents

1x 50ml Hand Sanitizer

10-20x Random Slime Charms

1x 20g Soft Clay

1x 1tbsp Fake Snow

6x Random Coloured Foam Beads

1x White Foam Beads

1x White Micro Foam Beads

1x Random Java Chips

1x Random Fishbowl Beads

1x Jelly Cubes

1x Slushy Beads

1x Random Pom poms (Mochi Slimes)

3x Random Paper Glitters

3x Glass Vials of Glitter or Sequins

3x Tiny jars of Fimo Slices, Sprinkles or Large Glitters

3x Small bags of Random Beads, Gems or Sprinkles

1x 1/4 Tsp Random Pearl Ex Metallic Pigment

1x Gold Leaf


Phhheeewww... I may have gone overbored? Nah..

That's over 60 items in this kit. I really wanted to give people the chance to 'do it all' as I know many people do not have the means to buy all of these items individually or they can't buy them in their country. This kit has taken 2 months of planing and putting it all together. I'm proud of it. Let me know what you think of it if you buy one.