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(This slime is $19 Australian Dollars, $12.80 American Dollars and $10.50 British Pounds. Please use the currency converter below for other currencies.)
I have wanted to do a Flamingo slime for so long, especially a drink kind. I'm so happy with how this beauty turned out even if the pictures don't show how pretty this slime truly is. The bubble tea base is a gorgeous peachy pink that changes colour between pink and peach as you play with it, it also has a stunning light golden shimmer when it hits the light. Scented like the most delicious Island Calypso drink I have ever smelled, the scent really does suit the slime. Even though it's a strong scent, it's more mouth-watering than heady. I keep going back and opening jars to smell, I'm obsessed!
You will receive the slime in a separate jar and all the other bits on the side so you can make up the slime yourself, plus its safer to ship! This slime will be 12oz once mixed.
This slime comes with:
12oz Flamingo cup
8oz Pink/peaFlamingo Calypso Slime on the side
Boba beads
Slushy beads
Pink sprinkles
Flower fimo slices
Pink and peach foam balls
2 realistic ice cubes
1 pink crystal rose
4oz Light pink whipped cream
Flamingo Straw
Flamingo reusable ice cube
Pink Flamingo wing charm
Flamingo stirrer
Bag of pink flower sequins, white flower fimo slices, irridescent glitter confetti.

Mixing the Drink and cream together results in super inflating fluffy slime with some serious bubble pops and clicks. Lucky you have a spare container really, lol!