Flamingo Calypso ($10 US Dollars for 8oz)

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Some of you may remember the Flamingo Calypso we had that was in a Boba drink cup with straws and a heap of extras. While everyone loved it, we wanted to bring the actual slime that everyone loved in a more affordable way.
Scented like tropical fruit punch with a hint of tropical flowers, this slime has become one of our favourites here at Kitty Cake Slime. Kitty even uses the scent as her perfume, that's how much she loves it! The slime is our classic gummy/boba base, a creamy Flamingo pink clear based slime. Glossy as heck and with some of the best clicks in the shop. This beautiful slime has become a permanent slime in our store now. The 8 and 16oz slimes get a bag of sprinkles, glitter and confetti, plus a really pretty Flamingo charm.