Emergency Slime Removal Kit ($12.50 USD)

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Now you have no excuse to buy slime when you have the amazing slime removal power of "Slime Off"! Accidentally dropped your amazing slime on the carpet and want to clean it up before your parents/husband gets home? Slime Off is for you!
Did your annoyingly long hair fall into your slime and now you cant get it out! A few sprays of Slime Off and you will be back to tossing your long locks in the wind before you know it!
Did your frustrating little sister through slime on your favorate sports shirt bro? Slime Off totally has your back.

You get:
350ml Slime Off spray bottle
10ml Slime Off purse/travel bottle
1 cute scrubber brush for those tougher stains

Made from 100% natural ingredients, no colours or scents, you know you can trust Slime Off for even the most totally serious slime issues.

Slime Off uses super uber powerful slime removal technology that actually turns slime (white or clear based) into an easily rinseable watery liquid that and be pulled out of cloth, carpet or hair.

KEEP OUT OF EYES. Wear gloves when cleaning with Slime Off if you have sensitive skin. Always rinse clothing, carpet and hair thoroughly. Follow the Slime Off Instruction manual