Coconut Bliss Bomb ($10 USD for 8oz)

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You know those coconut bliss bomb ball desert things you see every now an then. Yes, this slime is based on those. Another ASMR slime that's 100% full floam slime, just like a slime those slimes ASMR channels uses to make super crunchy sounds. JUST enough slime to keep the floam together. Plus it smells just like super creamy coconut, like the best coconut smell we have ever smelt! Unlike the photo, this slime is a creamy light brown but in the future I'm thinking of changing it to white. This was another favourite of ours here at Kitty Cake Slime, it's just too satisfying! Kitty is playing with it right now, we keep having to tell her to get back to work and stop playing with it.