Chocolate Milk ($10 US Dollars)

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These cute little Chocolate Milk Bottles have stolen my heart. Not only because of the adorable packaging but the slime inside is SOOO soft, silky, smooth, glossy, THIC and most of all smells EXACTLY like Chocolate Milk. While I was making the batch of this my two children came out of nowhere asking if they were getting chocolate milk with lunch! The disappointment was all too real when I told them it was this slime. I mixed the scent myself once again, like all my slimes, so you'll never smell another scent like it other than our store.

This comes in a 7oz bottle that's a bit hard to get the slime out so we provide a stick to get it out.
Or if you don't want the hassle you can get the 8oz normal container.

Each come with a chocolate milk charm.