Choc Chip Mint Ice-cream ($10 USD for 8oz)

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*Note 2oz Tester slimes do not come with charms or extras bags, they just come with borax and a care sheet.*
I love the texture of this slime so much, it's so different from any other I've made. It holds it's bubbles and looks just like a scoop of creamy ice-cream. It has a mix of clay and instant snow to give it this thick texture plus a scent that was mixed by me with creamy ice-cream undertones to a yummy minty chocolate upper with just a very small hint of spice to boost that chocolate! Want an extra sensory experience? Pop your slime in the freezer for 10 minutes (no longer or you will get ice-cream! LOL) and play with it, the cold makes it really feel like you are dunking your hands in a bucket of thick ice-cream. It's amazing on these hot Summer Australian days.