Champagne Hearts

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Ahh Valentines Day! The day we all eat too many chocolates and see red hearts everywhere, everything is overpriced and cheesy. But I cant help but love it, I love love after all!
This Valentines Day slime is only available until the 20th of Feb. I give a few days for those who want to snatch this up!

Champagne Hearts is a beautiful thick red clear baced slime, scented like Champagne and Strawberry, it smells so romantic! But because its scented it is a little frosted. It has red heart confetti, glitter and around the neck of the jar a lovely red and white ribbon with two Champagne Flute charms attached. Comes with a random Valentines Day themed charm (see last picture). This one is my favorate out of the Valentines Day collection!

All Valentines Day slimes come with a Valentine themed extras pack with lollies and chocolates and pretty things, all wrapped up in red paper and a bow. First yourself or another, this will make you or someone else feel special!