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Pusheen Competition!

Win This Pusheen Box!



I was silly enough to have have bought two of latest Limited Edition Winter 2020 10th Anniversary #pusheenbox by mistake! So I thought, who's better to have it than one of my beautiful followers! We will be doing this the same way we have done our past competitions, using points! Please see below to see how to enter and how to get more entries! We have given you many different kinds of ways to enter our competition, free ways and bought ways, you don't have do the bought ways at all, the choice is yours! COMPETITION IS AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE! 🌏
To enter go to our Instagram page and find the same post as this! You can enter buying from our website also!
💜 Post on the Competition Instagram Page (One time use)- 1 entry
💜 Tag a friend/s on the Compeition Instagram Page (Multiple Uses)- 1 entry
💜 Follow Us on Instagram (One Time Use)- 3 entries
💜 Repost this on your Instagram story (Multiple use, tag me)- 2 entries
💜 Repost on your Instagram (One time, tag me)- 4 entries
💜 Share to Facebook (One time Use, message me)- 2 entries
💜 Share to Twitter (One time use, message me)- 2 entries
💜 Share our Website on Multiple platforms (Multiple Use, message me)- 3 entries
💜 Sign up to our website rewards program! It's ok we don't email you! (One time only)- 8 entries
💜 Buy Slimes from our website (Multiple Use, message me)- 16 Entries per slime bought
💜 Buy Toys from our website (Multiple Use, message me)- 1 Entries per $1 bought
Rules & Information:
Begging to win will get you automatically removed from the competition.
Entered accounts must be real accounts, no bot accounts.
Accounts tagged must be real and not bot accounts.
When you share anything it must be shared to friends or public not be made private.
Please make sure you message our Instagram account with proof of shares so we can properly give points.
Shipping will be paid for by Kitty Cake Slime.
The competition will end 27th Feb 7pm EST Australia Time.
Winner will be announced close to after this date.
Kitty Cake Slime has the right to change or add any rule to this list in the future if anything arises.