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Merry Christmas!
It's time to get your orders in to get your slimes in time for Christmas!

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Meow, you wish to talk to Olly? Really??? Oh I'm so happy! Please send me a message using the form about anything you like, cat toys, fish and even kitty litter! I hate slime though, so lets not talk about that icky stuff. 
  😾-Olly the cat.

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Yes this is an add, please let me explain! Now, it's hard to get customers sometimes and this add below helps! So what happens is if I advertise someone else's website they will advertise mine! So it's helping bring  people in to have a look at what we have. This is so handy for such a new company such as ours where we only get one or two people a day. So please forgive and ignore it. Haha :)